Fashion Over Reason: It comes down to reality

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It comes down to reality

The incredibly lovely Karmen Pedaru garnered a spotlight on fashion gone rogue and her looks definitely reflect her gracious personality. The way she describes herself? "Chilled, hard working and grateful." No wonder i love her so much.

Read the full interview here.



Stephanie said...

She looks so gorgeous, eh?!

omgod your Lara comment is sooo on the money!! I had actually typed: "this is supposed to be curvy lara?!" but then i decided to omit it and leave it as the fun shots without the weight scenario. but YEAHHHH she looks so much thinner! Photoshop, eh?! and i mean that in the best possible way cause she looks amazing in those shots, but also as she is in most other editorials.

CRAZYYYYYYY weather! I was just hoping the power didn't go out! wonder if the sun will be here to stay? the wind is soo strong and the clouds are moving soo fast...ok so suddenly this comment turned into a weather report lol!


Cafe Fashionista said...

She is magnificently beautiful. So pure and flawless!! :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

She's definitely one of my favorite models!! I love, love your amazing blog!! xxoxoxooxoxo

lolacherrycola said...

Karmen Pedaru is gorgeous & so naturally pretty!! Huge fan of Lara too! Lovin' your blog btw! x x

Unknown said...

love your blog!