Fashion Over Reason: A little recap

Friday, May 28, 2010

A little recap

So as you may or may not know, i've been in nyc since wednesday and so far having the best time. Which also explains why i haven't had the chance to keep up with all your lovely blogs. I've been posting sporadically when i have time... And i'll be posting photos of my jaunt upon my return. Having such a blast and i'm so excited to see all my friends. I'm in brooklyn until tomorrow, staying with the gaysband and then i'm on over to tribeca to be with my old roommate until i leave on tuesday. Should soon be heading out for a little topshop and opening ceremony action, as well as an absolute must-stop at the new all saints boutique. All in all, busy day ahead!

I leave you with a little shot of my jib and my darling jeremy's exquisite pamela love necklace. (i hope he doesn't notice it's missing when i leave)


Unknown said...

You better hope he doesn't read your blog cause otherwise he will definitely notice ;)

Have fun! You should've told me you were going to Topshop I could've sent you with my shopping wishlist... hehe


Anonymous said...

Wow la chance, je rêve d'un bijoux Pamela Love !

Anonymous said...

THAT HAT!!!! Don't become a Diana!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like so much fun that I wish I would be with you in NYC! Would be lovely! Have another great days in NYC and I'm looking forward to read more about your trip on your blog! Already missing you! ^^

xoxo Sandra

Cindy said...

go to madewell and miu miu for me***
enjoy nyc!

Stephanie said...

the nail polish! this picture is adorable!! Love the hat and the red stripes and of course pamela love! I almost bought the talon cuff at O.C when I was there last fall, but my knuckles span reaally wide when i make a fist and it couldn't fit over their width-- i have the worst difficulty with bangles because of that, can't wear most of them sadly :(

...and given the comments for this post, I think you've just turned over a new blogging leaf ;) you know what i mean ;)


Marla Singer said...

love the necklace! and the hat, too <3

isis said...

j'adore cette crétrice de bijoux !! veinarde !!

Anna Katrina said...

you look adorable enjoy NY for me :)

Anna Katrina

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

It's such a beautiful weekend to be here in the city, enjoy!

xoxo, Ashley @

TMFA said...

luvvv the hat!

Unknown said...

Love the necklace! Have fun!!!