Fashion Over Reason: Mad hatter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mad hatter

Ever since i received this hat for my birthday, i've been completely obsessed with it and simply wear it all the time.

T-shirt - Gap
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - Nine West
Leather jacket - H&M
Hat - Brixton
Bag - Bottega Veneta


Unknown said...

This outfit is my favorite of yours. so cool and relaxed and those jeans fit you perfectly!


Anonymous said...

Ce chapeau est super, et le rouge à lèvre te vas très bien ! J'adore :)

Unknown said...

You're so cute! I'd befriend you in real life ;)

I'm so weird about hats, but I really want one like this or a fedora.


eliza said...

my my, I recognize that outfit ;) Don't party toooo hard over there!


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic on you!

xoxo Sandra


I see why you're obsessed with it. It looks amazing on you. Love the whole look :)

Anonymous said...

wow I love this outfit.

Dena xoxo

Anonymous said...

so cute! love the ease of this outfit!



Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you like it so much!!
Have fun in NYC c u when u get back

Stephanie said...

this outfit is pure genius on you! good on your friends for scoring that hat for you because i swear to god it was MADE for you!! You looks stunning-- loving the bag, the stripes, the red pout distressed bf jeans and of course those shoes ;) the hat is honestly the best finishing touch!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

The sandals are incredible. I really like them. Great outfit. Love your stripes =)

chung-chiao tai 戴中巧 said...

Ce chapeau ,c'est super pour toi!
surtout a' la mode ce l'été...

Alma said...

I understand why you're obsessed by it! It's super cool!