Fashion Over Reason: Moi non plus

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moi non plus

Charlotte Gainsbourg, icon, singer, actress and style maven, made a pit stop in Montreal as part of her tour. She was more than lovely and she gave us that simple casual chic we know and love from her. A loose white tank with these leather-like looking pants and her usual cowboy-meets-biker boots. As for myself, you can see below i'm wearing a white t-shirt, but on the bottom i was wearing black jeans and black thigh high boots. T'was a good evening.


JULIA said...

and y'all look good! you look kind of french, and your friend looks like she stole that out of my closet.

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Looks like an amazing night :)

Love your scarf !!!

Your hair is gorgeous too!!

Char x

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

btw... That editorial on my blog is from another blog and originally from Fudge magazine - an amazing mag from Tokyo!

Both links are on my wall!


Stephanie said...

OMGOD great shots!! and you look amazing, lady! I am SO IN LOVE with your hair! It reminds me of Chloe's below actually. it's amazing!

and "our" scarf lol! Yay to getting an iphone!! our texting will be so much more fun now!!

Can't wait for you to meet Chloe either! She is honestly the perfect dog by all accoutns, at the vet for the first time with me today, she didn't utter a single whimper during her whole check up and then she just quietly came to my side and laid down while the vet and I spoke and when i got home and clipped her nails, she was practically sleeping! She's perfect all the time, except for when she is in that damn crate!!! she goes nuts!!! I swear i better get some sleep soon, because i am losing my patience and i kid you not it's the only time of day where I question if i did the right thing, getting a dog. i'm tireeeedddddddd lol!
i wish dog owners would have prepped me for this lol-- no one told me haha! i feel like it's also maybe cause when the dogs finally stop wailing in their cage, you forget how bad it was. not a word of a lie though, Chloe sounds like a duck. It's ridiculous. my mom calls me and she's like "is that her?!" and then she laughs! im like "ya it's funny when you hear it for a second! not for 7 hours! lol"

and it's soooo humid in my apt...i have a/c but it's like it's not working well or something. i don't get it! till the humidity passes and chloe calms down my hair's a curly fro'haha!!!

Stephanie said...

oh! and i wanted to ask you: was this at Théatre Outremont?! How amazing is that theater for concerts?! I saw Emily Haines there and LOVED it! but she has ZERO stage presence, unfortunately!

and LOL!!! sometimes, when i'm posting too fast, i credit you instead of fashiongonerogue! HAHA!!


Stephanie said...

....and who's the peanut gallery now ?! lol! ...Your friend is GORGEOUS!


Anonymous said...

you ladies looking lovely as always :) great shot of the venue too...amazing! I can't believe I missed it....