Fashion Over Reason: Old lady

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old lady

Thanks to all of you for the sweet, lovely and wonderful birthday wishes! I had such an amazing night with the greatest friends in the world. An impromptu soirée at our local pub made for the perfect evening. Sadly though, i did not get my wish: the Habs lost again. But there's still hope for tonight as we're back on our home turf!

Anyway, i just wanted to share with you some candids of the night.

I know my lips look weird, apparently my bright pink lipstick didn't really translate well with the camera...

T-shirt - h&m
Skirt - h&m
Shoes - Nine West

The most gorgeous sisters on the planet and the best friends one could ask for ♥

Chowing down - ain't nothin' like good ol' pub fare

The evening's fine footwear


Away with the fairy's said...

You look wonderful! glad you had a good night! :)

Unknown said...

Heech nine west gladiators! We both have them :) What're those grey & black wedges?

And seriously I think girls nights out to a local bar are the best.


eliza said...

Looking lovely as always! Fun night and great snaps :) although...where's Av? I feel like I saw her eye in one of the pics but I can't be sure lol I love the shoe shot.


Kate said...

Looks like you had a fun night! Cute photos! Love your outfit!

Stephanie said...

LOVE this look! Mostly cause it's totally something i rock-- the bandage mini and loose-ish tee is such a great combo and I am IN LOVE with those nine west heels!! Wish i owned them too :( but alas i missed that boat and haven't spent enough time and effort ebay stalking them lol. You hair looks amazing too!!! and even though the pink lips didn't camera-translate I can totally picture how they would've been killer on you! Such a great pout for blonds ;)

And i sound like such a stalker lol but your friend in the second picture with you is STUNNING!!! and you called it too, after the third shot-- her and her sister are both beautiful. Jeals of their genes lol!

Happy birthday again, lovely! fingers crossed home turf brings the habs some luck! Can they at least score ONE goal before elimination ?! LOL!


Cindy said...

so fun! looks like you had an amazing time.
so many pretty girls too.

Anna Katrina said...

you look so cute & its looks like you had fun!!

Anna Katrina

une fille pas comme les autres said...

Jolies photos!

Romance Is Boring said...

you look amazing! love the last photogrpah, you all look beautiful :)


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous. Your eyes <3

Adele said...

Your hair is so cool! I'm really loving the striped skirt! & hope you had lots of fun... Want to exchange links? Let me know!

KateSouth said...

Your skirt is fabulous and your friends are all lovely!


You looked amazing! Love the whole look...and I can't believe those shoes are Nine West. I haven't been in there in a while. Looks like I'll have to stop in soon :)

Too bad about the Habs that nite but they're on a comeback now!

Orchid said...

love your striped cute...yoo guys sure having fun. cheers!!!

That's me on the cover said...


Anonymous said...

Awww such kind words Hel :)
It's true, fantastic always. And yes, what are Van's heels? I enjoy... Off to T.O tomorrow. Let's do something when I get back!
It's Buddy Guy btw...still figuring this out

Carol said...

I love this bandage skirt!!
Your look was amazing!! ^^