Fashion Over Reason: The one

Friday, May 28, 2010

The one

Raquel is one of the most amazing and versatile models out there and i still get so giddy when i see her in magazines because she always surprises me.




Totally love her. You're so right :)

Romance Is Boring said...

love her, the second image is my fave :)

Stephanie said...

I ended up getting this issue!!! LOL!!! and the SJP Marie Claire--- it's so good. Honestly really liking that mag for casual reading lately.


Cindy said...

i want to see you nyc pics, what did you end up doing/buying?? i want ot go there so bad i need to live vicariously through you.

now to answer some comments:
thanks for the balenciaga love, the website is awesome esp. they way that holts marks up bbags. i'd only buy from them or from aloharag.
roitfeld is queen. her and alt and kate make a unbelievable team. i think i have all the recent issues with her. plus, i always feel that when mario shots kate there's something special b/c they were once so close.

oh and i agree with s. above, marie claire kills it lately.