Fashion Over Reason: Open letter

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Open letter

Dear Fairy Godmother,

As you already know, for a few months now, i have been relentlessly obsessing over keeping a watchful eye on possibly the most gorgeous boots i have ever laid sight on. Logging on to the Outnet every single day, like a hawk on my prey, keeping my hopes alive that eventually they could be mine. Each time, like a ritual, researching my size and finding myself enveloped with an overwhelming feeling of joy as i spied their availability. However, no matter how close they seemed, so far they actually were. Was their 40% off status EVER going to be raised?! Why not 50%? Or even 60? Anyway, i feel as though waiting for these Alaïas is akin to waiting for Godot, hence this letter. Indeed, i would be ready, any day, any time, anywhere, to be "surprised" with this pair of boots that is simply screaming my name, taunting me, haunting me... I mean, i know that maybe during the winter you had no particular reason to treat me, but here's the best justification: it's my birthday in 2 weeks. That said, i'll be impatiently waiting until then. Size 6. You know my address.

Ps i love you!

Pps if you want anything in exchange, like an arm or a leg, or maybe even two arms cause it would be hard to wear these without my two legs... anyway, i'm sure we could arrange something.

xoxo hel



C. Anne said...

I know what you mean! The problem though is that when it finally hits that perfect sale price, I'm horrified to find out my size is all sold out!! And then I can't decide whether to scream and never stop or to tear my hair out or laugh hysterically or curl up and cry:)


You're adorable! These are amazing and I hope you get your wish :) xoxo

Stephanie said...

OMG how FUNNY are you lady?!!! LOL!

the other day on TFS, someone posted something about Olivia P and how she was wearing a Chloe bag which she mentioned was a gift from her two friends and I swear, if i could, i would TOTALLY gift these to you for your bday!! and btw--- if i could have my birthday any other month of the year than November, it would be May ;) it's one of my fave months.


ilovecoolthings said...

dear fairy god mother, all i want this year is an inch circumference off of my 32 year old thighs.... i still remember the days when i was 29 and without a care in the world
ps i realize this wish is completely self indulgent
pps i don't give a fack

marie said...

these boots are great...Ashley Olsen wears them!! <3

Anonymous said...

Haha, love this post! I really hope you will get the shoes as a present!

xoxo Sandra