Fashion Over Reason: RAFW

Thursday, May 6, 2010


As you may know, it's currently Australian fashion week and the aussies are KILLING it, as per usual. I seriously must get myself over to the land down under one day. I've never heard of this Flannel label, but it's amazing. I would wear every single piece and every single outfit. It's just brilliantly styled.



Stephanie said...

It's true the pieces are so gorgeous! and i could absolutely see you in these looks.

Australia is so gorgeous and I'd love to go back as the fashion inclined person i am now vs. the surfer girl i was then. it would be such a different experience and there's so much fashion ground to explore there and in NZ. not to mention stunning landscape!


Unknown said...

i love those green shoes! i did change the name of my blog, do you know how many poor little rich girl blogs there are out there? a lot! plus it didn't really fit anyways..this is more genuine. : )


Oh I never heard of that label either. It's fabulous...I'd wear every piece too :)

Oh and thanks for what you said about the Decor to Dress post. Figured I'd give it a shot. I'm so wanting to redecorate my apartment but I don't have time so I'm constantly fantasizing about other interiors. Awesome that you put your man to work! LOL

xoxo the city said...

australia is the best place to should definitely come visit here.
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