Fashion Over Reason: A Russh of blood to the head

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Russh of blood to the head

Stevie Dance of Russh magazine (one of my favorites) is the ultimate cool girl. I need to go work for Russh, like, yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Hm, and it happened again. I just can see one picture... weird.

Hélène,I wanted to thank you that you introduced me to the Glossy Mag. I know most of you will ask "where do you live?" and I will answer in Brazil (where everything arrives a little late) and I just figured out my passion for fashion. I still have to learn a lot! ^^ Though I spend my Sunday on reading the last 3 issues of the Mag and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks again!

xoxo Sandra

Anonymous said...

Je n'ai jamais acheté ce magazine, mais il a l'air tellement bien ! Tout comme Stevie Dance !


These shots are amazing! Love the shoes & blouse. Love love love!

Unknown said...

I really like all the pictures, but I feel like the first one doesn't quite mesh well with the rest of them.


Stephanie said...

haha you're so funny: like yesterday! can i go with you?! lol!

so in love with every single one of these pictures. I actually saved the leather shorts picture for true north loves-- so good and after seeing that pocketed white blouse so much thee past few days, I am in love with the one i thrifted last summer. wish it was more sheer though.


Becca [Free Honey] said...

I spent a solid half hour swooning over these pictures when I first saw them. I need the shoes in the first pic!! Everything about these photos is so perfect and luxurious in a simple way.

ilovecoolthings said...

uh scuzy Helene, why are we not exchanging links miss?

ilovecoolthings said...

especially those leather shorts - are you JOKING me?????? i die.

Passport Smiles said...

Jak and Jil is my favorite street style website. And I would kill for those leather shorts.

Smile with Passport Smiles

Sabo Skirt said...

We are so in love with the 3rd picture!! It would be amazing to work for Russh ahhh.

Ps. a sabo is explained in our about me section of our blog ;)

xx .sabo skirt.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I die for those shoes in the top pic!

Give them to me! I want them now!

xoxo, Ashley @ freehoney.blogspot.comp