Fashion Over Reason: To max or not to max?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To max or not to max? is asking the age old question: Are you a maxi-nista?. I can honestly say that i am not. I love to show off my legs with mini-as-hell skirts and shorts, and while i enjoy long styles on others, i always felt awkward in floor-grazing lengths. However! As once priorly mentioned, i am seriously toying with the thought of investing in a maxi. I have been won over, in large part due to my main man Dries and look 43 of his fw10 collection. Perhaps as i get older shorter styles no longer feel as appropriate? I don't feel as comfortable sporting my hot pants as i once did, strangely... Anyway, so here are some looks that had a hand in my turnaround.

In order of appearance: 2 street style shots (the second one being the fantastic Yasmin Sewell), Philosophy, Richard Chai, The Row, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors (ignore the cowl neck), Anne Valérie Hash



Away with the fairy's said...

They look so gorgeous on others but i really don't think i have the height to pull them off :'(

Unknown said...

I wanna MAX! But umm my height prohibits me from doing so. I suppose I could with the right height of heels/wedges.


eliza said...

Loved catching up with you last night !! :) Again soon!! we must! and as for the maxifying : yes yes yes! I always kind of hated long dresses and skirts, and while I still can't quite wrap my mind around the idea of me in a maxi dress, I've been looking for a maxi skirt (if that's even a term...) for ages! In grey jersey of course...saw one of the Olsens sporting one at some point and became immediately smitten! would be kind of perfect for summer too. So chic!


by Sutton said...

i too have been craving a maxi ~ something i never thought i would say! {i too consider myself a mini kind of girl}.

i want to get my hands on a slimmer cut version from rick owens... hummmm

Stephanie said...

Such a great post! That Dries look is still such a fave of mine.
Not sure if i can pull off the maxi length but totally feeling you on the awkward level of wearing hot pants as I once used to. I swear i used to run the short shorts/minis show...I still try to lol but it doesn't feel as obvious as it once did.


Anonymous said...

to max!

yes i think its quite glam!



Jessica Weingarten said...

I'm with you on the mini skirts and shorts; they're classics.
I love the look of maxi dresses and skirts, though, I feel you have to be super tall to pull it off! I'm about 5"4 1/2 and feel like I'm being swallowed by the fabric when I try a piece on.


Alma said...

To be able to wear maxi dresses need to be tall and as I'm the shorest girl ever...:)) But I would love too!

Anonymous said...

I don't like maxi length of skirts or dresses and the opposite length, like extreme mini I don't like either. I stay in between! ^^

xoxo Sandra