Fashion Over Reason: Valley girl

Monday, May 17, 2010

Valley girl

Erin Heatherton looks like a doll.



amstervrouwtje said...

gorgeous :)

Daniella said...

so gorgeous! great photo.


Yup that whole editorial was amazing! Glad that weather is nice finally! It's pretty nice here too. Warming up but it's going to rain tomorrow. Did u book your trip here yet? Hope u come when the weather will be nice :0

The Girl Who Loved To Salsa said...

i absolutely loveee <3 your blog and you really creative style XD

i am loving the first picture of Alexa Cheung... very Marilyn Monroe, no??

x x x x x

Stephanie said...

this picture is gorgeous! im such a sucker for wide brimmed hats in fashion photography-- have you ever seen one that looks bad?! LOL!


coco's blog said...

i love ! it's beautiful ! Bravo xx

Sabo Skirt said...

She really does look like a doll!

And don't worry, not many people have heard of the term sabo (We made it up from the word 'sabotage' a while ago hehe)

Keep in touch! We love sharing our thoughts with you and hearing yours!

xx .sabo skirt.