Fashion Over Reason: Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds

I was just reading an article in July's Vogue about how girls are starting to gravitate towards a more polished form of dressing, which just felt so relevant after the grunge and gothic overload of the past two years. I've always had a special appreciation for an unfussy and clean look and always strongly considered refinement was achieved via subtlety. Lauren Santo Domingo also apparently subscribes to that school of thought.



Jessica Weingarten said...

I looove her outfit!
And I definitely agree with the fact that people are gravitating towards that style. Personally, I think it looks much better than studs and jeans with rips all over them!!


Unknown said...

yea - this reminds me of Mode d'amour. She always has this very clean & polished outfits. I want to do it too!! I just don't have the funds to get a whole new wardrobe. ha! but i also love comfy grunge ;)


Alexandra said...

Though some people love it and pull it off amazingly, I've never been all that into grunge...I've just always found it more gratifying to feel really pulled together and polished.

Love Lauren's outfit, she always looks so effortlessly chic.

Anonymous said...

yep. totally agree. so over the rocknroll chick look. kinda boring? i don't know, i just know i'm over it... lsd is awesome!



Cindy said...

gorgeous look.
i love the rock and roll/boho mish mash but every now and then this is so fresh. lsd is such and icon.

Shannon King said...

I read that article as well. I completely agree with the new approach to grown-up, lady-like dressing rather than punky, shredded, and studded clothing. xx

Mumbles said...

I'm actually loving that way of dressing
simply elegant, classic and so flawless
lovely outfit


Becca [Free Honey] said...

I read the article you were talking about, and I was thrilled to hear that polished is back, because - to be honest - I was never very good at casually undone. Grunge just doesn't suit me as well!

Stephanie said...

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this already, but i swear i initially thought this was Vanessa Traina! LSD is amazing. no question.


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I am so with you on this. I've never been able to pull off the grunge. It just looked so contrived on me. Back to the basics please!

lostlook said...