Fashion Over Reason: Mary Jane

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mary Jane

I've always had a thing for Mary Janes. Their femininity and retro yet classic feel seals my penchant.



Stephanie said...

I agree-- they're so cute! and timeless but unfortunately i can't wear because i have wide foot and the strap unattractively enhances that fact ;) i almost learnt that the hard way lol!

so in that post...the tag is strategiclly still on the shoes..but hidden lol! still not sure if i would keep them! shoudl i? are they awesome? they're so clunky i kind of feel like a milkmaid in them but at the same time i will be able to wear them wit so many cut offs and plaid shirt for casual starters lol.

how hard is it to blog lately?! i think it might be a summer lull...everyone is on vacay and the fashion world feels like it's at a so blogging uninspired! :( it sucks! plsu most days im so tired, i have to force myself to catch up on blogs after work!

can't wait to see you! are the friends coming in this w/e coming for the GP? im already so annoyed with it because of all the traffic havoc it's wreaking! maybe we can get a coffee together sunday and catch up ?!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Oooh great post!! I have two pairs of satin mary janes that I just LOVE. I loved them so much I got two pairs, one in black, one in red. Unnecesary? Yes. Satisfying? Completely.
I love the ones pictured that have two straps. So adorable.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I love mary-janes - they always feel classy to me. LOVE the polka dot tights and shoes together, so cutesy!

xoxo, Ashley

Cindy said...

i love maryjanes! manolo makes gorgeous ones and same with miu miu. so feminine.

alexa's cfda was love/hate for me. i hated the shoes. i think if she went with a higher heel or a chunkier shoe it would have played off the dress and made it more edgy instead she looked more school marmy.

i did like the sheerness and the bow, close up the beading was gorgeous. i like her sparkly undies showing through and i did like that it was sort of true to here style. i much prefer her in short dresses though. so yeah, not a stand out but i didn;t hate it. ed westwick and stam were my favs. of the night.