Fashion Over Reason: My week in nyc - part 1

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My week in nyc - part 1

Alright folks, so i am back from my little new york jaunt and it's been kind of difficult to get back into the groove of things, not gonna lie. I was there for 6 days and split my time between my gaysband and my old roommate. I actually went out a lot and unfortunately - i'm really sorry to disappoint you all - i didn't do much shopping. It wasn't a shopping trip, but a catch-up-with-friends trip and although i still hit the shops a little bit, the only things i picked up were from Topshop. And to what is sure to be my mother's delight, i didn't get any shoes! For some reason, i couldn't feel bothered to get my shopping game on and nothing in stores really felt inspiring.

I tried to document as best as i could so i hope you all enjoy my photos! I will separate my recap in different posts because i hate posts that are too image heavy - it's distracting.

Bumming around the Marie Claire offices with Jeremy (yes, that's a snuggie on the desk)

Followed by a stroll through Central Park

Modeling the snuggie

Modeling our new friendship bracelets


Away with the fairy's said...

I want an xxl snuggie! :D haha! great pictures!

eliza said...

ohmygawddddd !! A snuggie?? LOL you and your gaysband are priceless!! I love it...and the snuggie actually looks kinda cozy...not gona lie..hah

Stephanie said...

OMGODDDDDDD im dying lol!! that snuggie and you guys modelling it lol! my sister-in-law was gifted a leopard one by her brother...are you surprised lol!!!!! ;)



OMG I'm totally cracking up about the snuggie! That's too precious!

Glad you had fun. NY misses you I'm sure of it :)