Fashion Over Reason: Olga

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Olga Sherer has long been a favorite model of mine and although she's been a catwalk staple for quite a few years now, we don't see her in enough editorials. There's just something special about her face and that fiery hair.



ana. 22. UK said...

absolutely love this!

Nikki said...


J. said...

She's gorgeoussss!

Unknown said...

<3 her face and eyes are captivating.



I agree. She's so gorgeous...soulful eyes, perfect cheekbones & amazing lips!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Pretty eyes she has!! xoxo

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Her eyes are so intense!! Beautiful! xoxoxoxo

Cindy said...

i hope today wasn't too scary for you! it was such a weird feeling here. i've felt an earthquake once before so i knew what it was but there was a small fear that instead it was
1. my old house was felling apart, i'm always afraid of this b/c there are huge cracks in the walls, eekk.
2. some crazy blowing something up for the g20.
so annoying! the whole downtown is on lockdown and it hasn't even begun yet.
i'm glad it wasn't one of those!

Anonymous said...

have always loved this one! beauty!



Alexandra said...

She is very gorgeous, she has a lot of depth to her face.

Just came across your blog and I really like your taste and style, keep up the great work!

Love from Vancouver