Fashion Over Reason: Outstanding simplicity

Monday, June 7, 2010

Outstanding simplicity

Truth be told, the way i dress is far more minimalist than over the top. There's nothing like the effortless pairing of pieces that marry so well, they feel like they're an extension of your personality, allowing to convey charm and natural flair . These ladies achieve just that- sans all the gizmos and gadgets that some consider a must to be stylish.

I've always loved freckles

[vanessajackman, mr.newton]


Gorgeous Glam said...

I absolutely love the last outfit! It's so chic. xoxo

Mumbles said...

I love all those outfits too
really nice post
I think minimalism is great, wearing in a simple way doesn't mean it has to be boring or ugly
nice blog by the way


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Minimalistic is much better than over the top! I have to agree with @Taj Acosta too, the last outfit is great and this is what I would wear.

xoxo Sandra

P.S. Hélène, thanks for all your comments on my blog. I always enjoy to read what you have to say!

Alma said...

The first girl is stunning!

Jessica Weingarten said...

I love the outfit the first model is wearing! I love the olive/brown combo!!



Loving the last outfit too. They're all fabulous though :)

KateSouth said...

I think simple is almost more tricky to pull off than outfits that layer colors, patterns and accessories, which makes minimalism more appealing to me! I love all three of the outfits - they are great representations of simple chic done well!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I love these hats. I've never been much of a hat gal, but I think these look so casual and chic and just epitomize summer dressing. I want to find a big one like in the second pic and bring it to the beach immediately!!

Unknown said...

I like these. That first girl is super cute.

Anonymous said...

J'adore ! Surtout la première, et les lunettes de soleil sur la dernière. Mais la seconde est très belle quand même !