Fashion Over Reason: The dirty thirty

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The dirty thirty

One of my best girl friends turned 30 last week and we celebrated with a kick ass party with 20 of her closest friends. It was perfection.

And please, does this look like a 30 year old?! I.think. not.

Good looking family:


Unknown said...

umm so if we ever do meet i think we're going to have to do lots of eating. lots.


Adele said...

She does not look 30! she looks great!

- Adele

paristempslibre said...

very nice pics!!!

Orchid said...

what great and lovely friends yoo fun!!!

Stephanie said...

this looks like it was the PERFECT 30th!!! what a great night it looks like you guys had! and i can attest to the fact that as much in pictures as in real life, these sisters are absolutely stunning!!!!