Fashion Over Reason: Bulky Luxury

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bulky Luxury

So it's fully fall out there - the weather has significantly cooled down, the air is crisp and all you want is to bundle up. My favorite time of year! It's just too bad that it leads to our harrowing winters, but that's another story... Anyway, i'm dying for a gorgeous after-ski sweater like this. Cozy and chic, what more could you want? Maybe an Aspen getaway to wear it to its full potential? That'd be nice.



this free bird said...

Just try to live in the moment and put the blinders on to the months ahead...perhaps a new sweater would help in this process? hehe


Unknown said...

teehee lets bundle up together in oversized sweaters and thigh high socks! and we'll watch foodie vids ;)

oooo and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows! haha


Alexandra said...

Totally want something like this, looks so cozy!

Alexandra xo

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE big chunky knits for winter. I spend most of my winters laying around my house in my fave oversized grey cashmere sweater. I probably shouldn't admit that, it makes me seem like a bit of a slob.

Stephanie said...

That;s another story: LOL! i read this restaurant review in the mirror (of Lucille's) today and they were talking about the terasse and how you can only enjoy it for so long because there's a nice fall chill in the air...before it's "fucking freezing". LOL!!! so true!

LOVING the weather and i bought autumn scented candles in scents like caramel apple and cinnamon and clove buds and they are lit now and my place smells sooooo cold weather festive! it's love lol!



the ski sweater is also on my wishlist!

Jasmin said...

love this sweater!!!