Fashion Over Reason: Jolie laide

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jolie laide

Cropped pants, breton stripes, tousled hair and no makeup. Sometimes Most times, being natural is the way to go and in general, what i aspire to.



Away with the fairy's said...

I totally agree! she a true beauty!

Stephanie said...

I'm soooo feeling you on this one lately. I haven't been wearing any makeup for the past week. too lazy, and honestly? channeling my french born side lol. rightttttttttt if only, i inherited the natural chicness of the French ;)

oh! and your comment about your place looking like a cave, despite being all white made me laugh! why is that our case?!! So true! i don't get it! not enough light in our city, i guess ;(

ariane said...

Definitely a great look!

Alexandra said...

I definitely's better to be natural than overdone. After going to school in France I was shocked by how overdone everyone seemed in Vancouver by comparison.

Love Alexandra