Fashion Over Reason: Vavavoom

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Julia attends the spring 2011 collections.




Love the bottom half of the first dress but really don't like the top half :s

Third dress however is exquiste

Justyna said...

she looks stunning in the first picture, however, her nips are showing. oops?



Unknown said...

Juliana really does have THE most exquisite taste, but then again given who her parents are we would expect nothing less. She basically embodies the word 'vixen' and manages to be pretty much sex-on-legs without being remotely trashy... Maybe I want to be her, just a little bit. X

J. said...

vavavoom is right!! I love the shorts in the last picture!

Stephanie said...

OMGOODDDD the first look is amazing!!!!! the backless (?) dress reminds me of an apron lol. LOVE the last look as well. she's amazing! thanks for sharing these, since ive been slacking ;)


Anonymous said...

Toujours chic, cette Julia, j'adore son style, et puis, qu'est ce qu'elle est jolie !

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Wow I love all of her outfits! Not just anyone can pull that off. I especially love the apron/scarf like dress.

Unknown said...

help me find copy cat pieces of that last outfit!!


Marine said...

I love the first dress !