Fashion Over Reason: Fluff 'n Tough

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fluff 'n Tough

I just love how these two contrasting elements compliment one another so well.



Stephanie said...

ahhhh that hat looks SO soft!! Just want to touch it! lol.
I was just putting my cape away and looking at my pleather/leather jackets and realized i've only worn them like twice this season...and fyi it's COLD outside right now. i bet it snows by halloween...and then it's really sionara to light layers lol!


The Sydney Girl said...

love love love!!!! fur and leather. delectable.

ohhh helene how sweet you are! please come to sydney ;( are you in paris still?

you trendsetter you! when you do get some funds, you could add a few little highlights... and then wait another 6 months haha :D yayyy for money efficient hair.


The Sydney Girl said...

and plz tell me, what do you think of the facebook like buttons on my posts. still not sure about it. hmm. cause not every1 uses facebook.

minnja said...

Love it :)

The Sydney Girl said...

thanks for the feedback girl! so you're back in montreal! r u still with your bf? :)

Francesca Robertson said...

so cool!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion fro NYC!

Grace said...

What an explosive combo.

Love Grace.

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Yes. I totally agree - and can't believe I never thought to mix the two textures together before! x

Justyna said...

amazing image.... seriously.



Marie a la Mode said...

I bought a hat like this the other day except it was probably thousands of dollars less than what this one cost and it was faux ; ) Cool picture!