Fashion Over Reason: Sparkle and Shine

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sparkle and Shine

Not exactly the most flattering shot of me, but i was snapped in this outfit last week and thought i should share. I am currently living in these pants, they're so amazing... worth every penny.

Top - Vintage Pierre Cardin
Pants - J Brand
Shoes - H&M
Trench coat (in hand) - Zara
Bag - Cowboysbag
Sunnies - Ray Ban



Not, flattering? I thought it was a model shot from my dashboard, had to see it. love!

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE the outfit! you look so gorgeous, its totally flattering. :p

Francesca Robertson said...

great pants love them

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

thehautepursuit said...

I really love the gold mixed in with something a little rough around the edges like those j brands :) I've wanted them for some time, but way too cheap ass to take the plunge :P
thanks for always stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you are living in them. They are perfect! I've been holding out for a pair of perfect skinny cargos for months now. Fingers crossed that after next weeks shopping spree with Mom they will be mine! And you look great!! I can't imagine an unflattering picture of you. xx

this free bird said...

Not flattering? I think you look great. And I couldn't agree more with you on the pants. Ordered them on a whim thinking I'd try and return...they're one of my faves now.

You look great in them. Much longer legs than me!!


by Sutton said...

arent the jbrands amazing!? love them!!

Alma said...

I also thought you were a model!:D Look great in here. And the shoes are divine!

Justyna said...

you look so gorgeous!


I actually think u look gorgeous! Love every single thing about your outfit. And I'd live in those pants too if I were you :)

Have a great weekend, sweetie! S good to hear from you. Hope you're able to find some time to relax during it xoxo

Unknown said...

I have the same jbrands and i love them too! You look absolutely great here.

Stephanie said...

AHHHHH I remember before we met and you wore that trench and i was in LOVE with it! trenches don't do me such!

you look amazing!!! that TOP OMG!!!!!!!!!! where are you here btw?


Mumbles said...

totally love the outfit, really, you look amazing, the top is awesome


Claire. said...

J'aime vraiment ton blog, je te "follow" si ça ne t'embête pas :) !

The Sydney Girl said...

helene!!!! you look gorgeous!!! is that ombre hair i see? ;) x

Marine said...

I love this look !