Fashion Over Reason: Before the Storm

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Before the Storm

Now that winter is among us - once there's snow on the ground, there's no turning back - it's all bundles hereon forward. Back when the weather was slightly more clement i was living in cropped pants. Sayonara.

Button down - Rogan for Target
Black jeans - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Ralph Lauren Collection
Coat - H&M
Bag - Cowboys Bag


minnja said...

So stunning :)))


Stephanie said...

LOL such a great look! I love cropped pants and heels! and omg the snow-- chloe went nuts! she loves it-- was so cute! but today, i was saying to my mom im already fed up of boots :( ive got a long way to go!

hope you're doing well lady ;) xx

Emilie said...

loooove love love this!! Amazing shoes :) You really have the perfect style, I'm a total fan of all your looks :)


Fashion & DIY said...

I love your coat!


Gorgeous shoes. :)

Kara said...

gorgeous! so wish I could pull this off as fierce as you...i would be freeezing! :)


The Sydney Girl said...

beauuuuuuutiful! mwa

amanda archambault said...

Your wardrobe over there in the corner is fabulous. And those shoe shelves over in the back is great!!! You have a great collection. I interview other bloggers and sometimes post them on Sunday's. Mind if I interview you??
Let me know. My email is
follow me if you aren't already and I'll follow you in return!

xoxo, Amanda


wonderfully chic, you look amazing!