Fashion Over Reason: Cape

Friday, November 19, 2010


I like to think that Garance was drawing this with me in mind. Yes, i'm that vain. Ok just kidding, but i really am planning on taking out my cape this weekend - the first snowfall is happening saturday. Doomsday is upon us.



Anonymous said...

This illustration is beyond gorgeous. Garance never ceases to amaze me. You can totally tell she sketched this out with you in mind ;)
Believe it or not, my cape season seems to have already come and gone. We got bombarded with snow and this weekend is already supposed to be nearing -30. Hmph. It's floor length wool and fur coats for me!
So, I'll be living my cape love vicariously through you! xx

Alexandra said...

We're just getting snow here too, breaking out the parka today! Absolutely in love with your cape, the fur details are awesome. Post more pics soon!

Alexandra xo

Louise said...

Gorgeous! xx

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Stephanie said...

this could be YOU! her illustrations are amazing. and i think i'll get more wear out of my cape than ever come snowfalls. i think it's the perfect at-dusk-snowfall outerwear ;) xx

The Sydney Girl said...

haha! love it. i want to see u in your cape ;)