Fashion Over Reason: Cougar Boots

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cougar Boots

As you may have noticed, i have made a point to steer clear from any form of advertising or endorsement on this blog. I carefully choose the content to reflect my taste, ensuring that fashion over reason is an accurate extension of my personality and a faithful reflection of my creativity.

That said, i was skeptical when Cougar Boots first approached me to test drive a pair from their revamped brand, but i was eventually won over by their cute rain boot selection and the gorgeous little video they made to introduce the collection. I chose the Tibet model because i thought it was right on with the varsity/utility trend that has recently surfaced, as demonstrated by my mood board below.

1. True Religion 2. Tommy Hilfiger3. Madeleine Thompson 4. Lacoste 5. Wren 6. Yves Saint Laurent 7. Ralph Lauren 8. Alexander Wang 9. Frankie B 10. Juicy Couture 11. Isabel Marant 12. Vince 13. Tommy Hilfiger

The boots are I N C R E D I B L Y comfortable. As in feels-like-you're -wearing-slippers comfortable. They're seriously perfect for those cold rainy fall days seeing as these babies will take you all the way down to 0°C to -24°C / 32°F to -11°F. The only downside was that they run big... i definitely could've gone down a whole size but i had the smallest size they make - a 6. Other than that, these are a solid investment if you're looking to get something different than all the Hunter-wearing clones out there. All my friends loved them and here's the ultimate test: the boyfriend liked them as well (that's a hard feat)!!

Here i am in my boots!

* "For the world your walk on. Love what you wear." (Well said, Cougar)

I'm also wearing:
Wool cable knit - Ça va de soi
Striped T - Zara
Jeans - The Kooples
Vest - Bluenotes
Mittens - H&M
Scarf - no name


Anna Katrina said...

love the boots!! so cute

stop by <3

Unknown said...

varsity = fall

i love that the rain boots are kinda like mens sneakers and the added sock detailing at the top <3


this free bird said...

Those boots are absolutely perfect. I'd totally wear them. Your mood board was filled with great things, too...all of them along the same vein as the boots. sigh

ps-love your outfit!


Unknown said...

Those boots are so cute!

Stephanie said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you're TOO CUTE for words, lady!!!!!!

those boots looks great on you! Seriously. love the sock-like cuff ;) and i could TOTALLY envision they're practicality come, say January in the slushy rain LOL

and LOL: "hunter-wearing clones" WELL SAID!! xx


very cute!! i'm obsessed with rain boots =)