Fashion Over Reason: Inspiration: Dries

Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspiration: Dries

One of last week's Who What Wear stories was all about Dries Van Noten, one of my favorite designers. Seemed like our thoughts had collided because just the week before that i had myself thrown together a look inspired by the phenomenal fall Dries collection. On a side note, thanks to all of you for the feedback on my iphone outfit shots! The message has been heard ;)

Under the blazer i had a grey long sleeve cashmere knit

Blazer - Vintage (from grandmother)
Cargos - J Brand
Mary Jane clogs - Ralph Lauren Collection
Broaches - Vintage (from grandmother)
Scarf - H&M



Jessica Weingarten said...

Great post! The Houlihans look great on you :) I just bought mine today!


Stephanie said...

Your iphone snaps are so big: i wonder if mine would ever get that big?!

anywayyyyysss i really need a full length mirror in my life, but the truth is, unless it could be stuck to my closet doors i dont know where i have the wall space/space at all for one....THis WWW post was one of my faves of the season! we're so always in tune! I love the faux fur scarf!! and Dries ;) their collections have been so good these past few season. initially i thought your shoes were the zara wedges! these are so good too! they're not wedges though, are they? love this on you-- those cargos go with EVERYTHINGGGGG. and the broaches: such a GREAT detail!!

thanks for your feedback on the pumps: cute or what?!! I couldn't resist! i can't wait to wear them :)

not gonna get the mulberry greta tote. for two reasons: it's too $$$ ($1,250 i think ) and i find it's a little bit of a more older style...perfect for my thirties. and while i love the long strap, not sure with the bag's size that wearing it over the shoulder will be feasible.

today on shopbop, the burgundy version of the bag i want disappeared and i SWEAR i almost had a heart attack that it was sold out!!! but alas, last time i checked, it's still there! it needs to wait for me just a little while longer lol!


Unknown said...

You surely know how to dress. Gorgeous!
Those pants fits you perfectly. I got inspired to wear mine soon again :)