Fashion Over Reason: La Frange

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La Frange

Right now i REALLY need to be talked out of getting bangs. Every time i do i regret it. But she makes it look soooo good!

[thecut; tfs]



Kate Moss makes everything look good.

Emilie said...

j'adore :D Elle ne va jamais m'ennuyer Kate :)


Louise said...

I know me too! why does she have to make it look so good?! xx

Stephanie said...

she does lol! was this for her last TS collection launch in London? Like the jumpsuit on her.

don't do the bangs though-- so high maintenance and honestly all the girls in the office have been doing them lately (how original) and most of them end up wearing them side swept when they grow out a little....anyways, your cut is so great and it looks effortless on you which i think is the overall point, so why mess with something so solid? If you haden't said you've done it before and regretted it...i'd probably tell you to try it out...but since you've been there, done that not sure it's worth it ;)


and for the record, looking at my fave style stars who rock hair styles amazingly ALWAYS makes me wants to sacrifice my do for something like theirs. btu then reality sinks in and i realize, sometimes it's better just to stick with what you've got.....although admitedly your hair IS FAR MORE versatile than my naturally curly mane....but mine's come a long way ;)

mannnnn what a RANTTTTTTTT sorry! lol! hope you got something out of this! xx

Unknown said...

She does look amazing! I cut bangs a couple of weeks ago and i love them actually. I havent had a fringe since i was 8 or something :D

Jess Mac said...

I'm sure they would look great on you but I would skip, they are a lot of work!

Also, check out my latest post because there is an event in Montreal I think you would like!

The Sydney Girl said...

kate looks so hot! every time i get bangs... i push it to the side a week later. just can't stand hair floating on my eyelashes haha x