Fashion Over Reason: That '70s Show

Thursday, November 4, 2010

That '70s Show

Such a great casual look. Bring on the 70s inspiration. I'm especially keen on that Céline bag, but then again, who isn't?



The Sydney Girl said...

love the inspiration! her green jacket - i.want.

would love you to enter my giveaway x

The Queen of Hearts said...

She's a beautiful girl -- though personally, I wouldn't be caught dead in light colored denim. Also, sans-fur, her Celine purse is fantastic.

The Black Queen

this free bird said...

This girl looks gorgeous and I am over the moon for her denim! She has carried of 70's style to perfection.

Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Agreed. Love the seventies style vibe.

Anonymous said...

This look totally reminds me of Mila Kunis' character Jackie on That 70's Show. She was always my favorite! I used to always copy her style and this girl looks so damn good that I might have to try again. xx

Stephanie said...

LOL. exactly! who isn't?! and the boot ;) ADORE!


Unknown said...

oh eeeeeem geeeee!? who is this baby face!? I AM CRUSHING HARD!!


BrooklynBlonde said...

This is amazing and I have a green leather jacket that this just reminded me about! I have to take it out before it gets frigid!