Fashion Over Reason: Feel the Eyes Upon You

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feel the Eyes Upon You

The embodiment of pure elegance and style. This can't be taught nor learned.

[garancedore, tfs]


Francesca said...

she is such a massive style icon. if only we had cash to burn on shopping :( If you had a spare moment I would love if you visited me :)

F. ( x

Fashion Agony said...

She's gorgeous!

Emilie said...

she's amazing!!


Stephanie said...

omg i LOVE her. LOVE her. she looks so gorgeous in these shots- the bottom look is such a fave! and it looks like a Chloe SS10 dress in the scalloped hemline but it'a valentino! I love that she wears her hair curly too ;) only a curly-haired gal would appreciate that detail :)

it's FREEZING!!! ugh. gonna email you this back a.m hopefully ;)


Catita said...

love Giovanna! just posted 2 of her outfits on my fave of streetstyle post!

sojourned in style said...

such immmacualte beauty and poise. she has such wonderful style.

Cecylia said...

I love Giovanna!!! The white dress and the It-shoes Valentinos are gorgeous!