Fashion Over Reason: A Very Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope you're all having a wonderful christmas and/or holidays, if you don't celebrate christmas. I'm spending a whopping 9 days with my parents, relaxing and celebrating. Christmas is always a big thing for us so we go all out! Hope everyone else is as lucky as me :)


Unknown said...

loving the christmas sweater ;) and merry christmas to you & yours!!


Stephanie said...

awwwwwwwwwww you're SO CUTE!!!!! I love your Christmas and your poodle!!!! She's a bigger version of cHloe's BF, Léo, the toy poodle next door!!!! So festive! Can;t wait to hear ALL about it all!!!! So happy for you that you're having a blast and relaxing ;)

oh and to answer your question, Chloe's staying with my friend, Rachel today-thursday and then with a dog sitter who used to walk her when she was a baby. Cause Rachel's going to Gatineau with like 6 other couples for nye and i didn't want to subject chloe to a bunch of pple who weren't so keen on the puppy scenario ;)


Fashion Agony said...

Merry Christmas!

Lesley said...

Merry Christmas!!! I'm digging your Christmas sweater!

Alexandra said...

Haha what a fabulous sweater! Very kitschy chic. My family's big on Christmas too, we definitely go all out! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the fam.

Alexandra xo

Sharon (The Backseat Stylers) said...

A belated Merry Christmas!!! Love the festive tree and sweater. ;)