Fashion Over Reason: Center Stage

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Center Stage

So i recently took up ballet and i have to say, it's amazing. I also ransacked the dance store this evening and went a little ape with all the outfits. I'd been wanting to do ballet for years now and i finally took the plunge! I highly recommend it.



Emilie said...

that's so great!! I did ballet since I was a little kid (I think I was 5 or something) until last year (when I was 18). But now I'm too busy with university unfortunately so I can't do it anymore :( But it's the best sport in the world, hope you have a lot of fun in your classes Hélène :)


Stephanie said...

LOVE you doing ballet + it's sooooo well-suited to your style ;)


Cynthia said...

OOOHH you will love it!!! I did it for a couple of year and I had fun.
I love the fact that it and elegant''sport'' but it teaches you so much self discipline! enjoy!

Marie a la Mode said...

I think it is so AWESOME that you took up ballet! I did it for 12 years. I found it so hard because I have hips that just don't like to turn out.

KateSouth said...

How funny - I am off to get a pair of ballet shoes today and will be starting tomorrow! I haven't danced ballet since i was 5, but I am so very excited! Natalie Portman look beautiful in that shot.