Fashion Over Reason: Easy to Please

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Easy to Please

I am in love with this dress. It looks vintage yet modern and it's perfectly in tune with the 70's revival. I've actually been looking for something like this for years: white eyelet or lace... Dainty and sexy with no ounce of vulgarity and the perfect amount of edge if styled properly.



hannan said...

I'm in love with the whole collection! all the dolce & gabbana dresses are amazing and made to enjoy the summer! hope the summer will come sooooon ;D

Fashion Agony said...

She's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

This had to be the PERFECT dress!!

I, too, have been looking for something like this for years.

I think you just found my dream dress!

Cindy said...

so pretty. i love when freja is styled soft, she is so pretty.

Lesley said...

I totally agree. She looks amazing!

Alexandra said...

So beautiful I loved this whole collection! This particular dress would be a keeper.

Alexandra xo

minnja said...

Amazing photo !!!!!!