Fashion Over Reason: Lend a Hand

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lend a Hand

Clever way to keep things tidy.



Rebecca said...


Unknown said...

I NEED one of those babies, my jewellery is currently in an undignified clutter, that would revolutionise my life... or at least my dressing table. X

Stephanie said...

ugh my jewelry is so not tidy and everytime i see one of these things, im reminded of it lol. but the jewelry box does the trick. the hand thing for jewelry has always kind of freaked me out....the tree stands or whatever they are are more my vibe ;) hope last night was fun!! omg i went out to walk chloe circa 11 and it was full on blizzarding!! wtf?! thought of you having to go out in that ! maybe it was just bad on my street...the wind tends to blow down from the city/mountain and wreak havoc.