Fashion Over Reason: Leave No Man Behind

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leave No Man Behind

My problem with fashion week packing is the editing of the shoes!

-Giovanna Battaglia

Amen, sister!



minnja said...

wow red shoes

Love minnja

Stephanie said...

Yes this is totally your problem too LOL!!!! if only we lived somewhere where shoes were always an option!! i just went to that bcbg event in my zara skirt and fucking winter boots!! FED UP....but i rocked it anyway ;) i think it's like a wardrobe survival skill at this point lol!!


HighHeels said...

What a lovely happy face you have and no wonder - sitting there surounded by red shoes. Ah life is good. I also like the leopard print shoes by the way. If you ever feel like popping over and sharing your thoughts with me - you are more than welcome