Fashion Over Reason: No Gray Skies

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Gray Skies

Something i wore last week in new york. I lived in my trench coat. It was that nice out. Saw some old friends, shopped probably more than i should have (pics of that coming this weekend), went out, ate good food and basically had the best time ever.

Will be posting the rest throughout the week and the weekend, i just haven't had any time to go through everything yet - so more coming!


Norwegiantage said...

I love your buttondown. I might copy you on that one. Sounds like a lovely weekend in NYC - jealous!


Stephanie said...

LOLLLL @the sign you;re standing next to!

you look great! Now that i know you, i can totally see this as a Hélène look ;) Cant wait to hear about EVERYTHING!!!!

love the comey boots ;) they're gorgeous! and the trench, but you've known about my love for that piece on you for about a yr now lol! unfortunately i think zara copy pastes one size into bigger sizes on some items, like pants, for instance and jackets and the trench styles don't fit me.

Also loving the big text for the outfit breakdown.

p.s i was sick today, hence the half ass texting lol. came down with flu bug this week that hit the worst today :( hopefully gonna be better tmr!


minnja said...

I looove it :))


Justyna said...

amazing outfit.... love it!

Anonymous said...

A little safari and classic is always a good look!