Fashion Over Reason: Winter Attire

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Attire

I have to admit that winter has been so brutal this year that it has left me completely uninspired about what to wear. Putting on the same clunky manly getup every day has seriously put a crunch in my creativity... These are from before mother nature decided to punish us. Needless to say, i'm ecstatic for spring. Or just for warmer, snowless days.

T-shirt - Gap
Cardigan - H&M
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - Garrice
Coat - American Eagle


Wida said...

Same here! I hate this winter :(

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Fashion Agony said...

That cardi looks super cute!


minnja said...

stunning outfit :))

Stephanie said...

OMG you look ADORABLE!!!!! that sweater!!

can't wait for spring either! let's celebrate the first gorgeous weekend with a photo sesh!!xx

Unknown said...

I am totally with you. The winter has been terrible.