Fashion Over Reason: Juicy Fruit

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Juicy Fruit

I never thought i would say this, but all these neon colors and bursts of bright feel so refreshing for spring. I can't wait to start experiencing. More spring picks! (see other picks here)

Clockwise from left:

Christopher Kane - Jil Sander - Crumpet - Diane Von Furstenberg - Marc Jacobs - Bottega Veneta - Miu Miu - Isabel Marant - Yves Saint Laurent



Alexandra said...

Totally, I have been craving colour as badly as the sun lately!

Alexandra xo

Jasmin said...

color rocks :D

Unknown said...

Too bad the weather is really depressing now..Need some sun and warmth!

That Jil Sander bag is lust!
great choices.

Stephanie said...

omg the first two pieces are all kinds of amazing! plus, good eye lady, not that i ever doubted you, but i could totally see you in ALL of these pieces ;)


whisper loudly, shout quietly said...

the lime green cardigan is to die for!

Unknown said...

Loving all the fruitiness of these colours.

Rachella - said...

I love, no I adore neon colorsss!! :) x