Fashion Over Reason: Little Ladies

Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Ladies

Don't they look so chic? They're at the opera, naturally. Ps Mary Kate is wearing They're both wearing one of the items that has been on my most wanted list since it was released: the YSL postcard clutch. One day.



Fashion Agony said...

They both look gorgeous!


Stephanie said...

omgodddddddddddd lady they look amazing!!! i feel like i haven't seen them in a look like this maybe EVER. Ashley doesn'T even really look like herself. gorgeous really! thanks for posting this lady!! xx

Alexandra said...

They never fail to impress, and don't worry, that clutch will be yours one day!

Alexandra xo


Amazing pix of them! They look fabulous!

sojourned in style said...

they are beautiful while mainitaing a dark, mysterious air. love the fur wrap and that endless jacket is amazing