Fashion Over Reason: Spring Fever

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Fever

Yes, i know, we just finished seeing the fall shows, but realistically speaking, spring is only now starting to make itself heard. With the warm season officially among us as of next Monday, you'll be seeing a massive influx of spring summer inspired things on this blog. Not only because winter was especially harsh this year, but also because spring represents a season of renewal and the concept of that is ringing especially true this time around. So, how will i be dressing as the snow bids its final farewell? Well, for one, i'll definitely be taking a cue from Derek Lam. One of my favorite collections of the season. Classic, clean, natural and effortlessly stylish.




the all denim look is fantastic and so well styled. love the cuts and shapes

Fashion Agony said...

Love every piece of this collection, too! That chiffon dress is stunning!

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Stephanie said...

how cute is this post?! esp that i didn;t see it before we just spoke about the weather!!! so many great pieces!!how ARE we going to do it frugally lol!!!

i love that sheer dress! cant wait for spring to be in full effect....really i just want to skip right into may!!

so glad it's here!! finally!! xx

Alexandra said...

Love all of it, the 70's inspiration has fully taken me over as of late and all I want are a pair of trousers like the ones he did. Great post love!

Alexandra xo


I've been swooning over the second from the right since the instant it walked down the runway! Can't wait for Spring! :) xoxo