Fashion Over Reason: Laughing Like Children

Monday, April 25, 2011

Laughing Like Children

I hope you guys all had a wonderful long Easter weekend (or passover week, whichever it is you celebrate). Today is the last day of my mini vacation and here are a few musings: i ate WAY too much. The Montreal Canadiens took a major nose dive (yes, i am a HUGE hockey fan- GO HABS GO!!). I was able to rest and sleep in for the first time in i don't know how long. Spending time with my family is always such a pleasure. Today finally feels like a real spring day, it's 15 degrees C (that's 59F), sunny and the breeze is warm. We're almost there!



Unknown said...

I love freja, this pic is great!

Alexandra said...

Haha I love this pic, Freja has such amazing energy! Happy Easter to you love!

Alexandra xo

Anna said...

Such a cute picture :)

Stephanie said...

omg this is the CUTEST post EVERRRRRRRRR after reading your blurb (ahhhhh the habssssssssssss fuck!) and then scrolling down to see this pic of Freja, i couldnt help but smile!!!!! SO SPRING!!!!! def gonna save it and def the way i was feeling yesterday-- not wearing a jacket for the first time this year!!!



heatherheartsfashion said...

i love this shoot! had to put it in my blog too :) and love frejaxoxoxo