Fashion Over Reason: The New Daria

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The New Daria

She first caught my eye on the fall 2011/2012 Balmain runway and she made me go "Who IS that girl?!?", which prompted some thorough investigating. She has a Sasha twinkle to her, as well as Natalia's transcending girlish sparkle. The name is Daria Pleggenkuhle. Remember it.



Unknown said...

There's something delicate and little girlish about her, yet she still rocks the Balmain runway with the nest of them. Daria is going to be B-I-G. Loving her Bambo-esque look and cute cropped hair cut. X

Emily said...

She is incredible, her look is out of this world

Stephanie said...

she looks a little over bronzed in the second pic ;) lol but i TOTALLY see what you're saying about who she resembles! damn those gorgeous models and their beyond stunning genes! i sometimes wish i had half the incredible facial features they're graced with!


miss twinkletoes said...

She definitely has that Sasha look. So lovely!

Www. Twinkletoes-golddangles.