Fashion Over Reason: Fresh Blues

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fresh Blues

The nice weather has got me real excited about getting dressed. The winter lull was such a drag and ball and chain on my style. These days, the only thing i want to do is shop, shop, shop. Alas, i am on a strict ban (i'll be announcing why in a little bit - exciting stuff). Here are more pieces that have me titillated. (More here!)

Clockwise from left

Alice + Olivia - Tory Burch - Chloé - Isabel Marant - Chrisitan Louboutin - Gucci - Stella McCartney - Yves Saint Laurent



Hermosa Makeup said...

Love your blog. You look great and have a wonderful fashion sense. Maybe you'll have time to check out my blog :)

Kisses, Gloria

lovely aiva said...

Lovely blog, and the phots are very inspiring :)

Alexandra said...

Those shorts alone are amazing, but I love everything else tied together as well.

Alexandra xo