Fashion Over Reason: That Kind of Woman

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Kind of Woman

What kind, you many ask? Deep down, and i've reiterated this many a times, i'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Over Easter i went to visit my parents, who live about 1 1/2 hours away from the city and ran into Gaelle while out with my bother one night. She also has a fashion blog and i had met her before at Montreal fashion week, so she took my photo. Not exactly the most flattering shots, but you get the gist. And seeing as my last outfit post was a few moons ago, i figured, why not.

T-shirt - Vintage Bob Seger t
Plaid button down - H&M
Leather jacket - H&M
Jeans - J Brand
Shoes - Rachel Comey
Bag - Cowboys Bag
Scarf - H&M



miss twinkletoes said...

I agree - i am a total jeans and tshirt gal! And I love your Bob Seger shirt - I'm originally from Michigan and am seeing him this weekend!!!

Stephanie said...

LOVe it! You look gorgeous and that plaid shirt is all kind of amazing layered in this look! xx

Alexandra said...

See I WISH I was a total jeans and tee kind of girl...I think there's something so timeless and chic about it. My bodytype kind of precludes me from even looking good in jean, so I'm more of a defined waist skirt kind of girl haha. You look great in these pics, stunning!

Alexandra xo

eliza said...

ah i totally recognize that shirt :) I think i may have worn it in a shoot with u hehe

looking lovely as always missy


HuntGatherFashion said...

This is totally my kind of everyday outfit too! I love to slap on a pair of heels and a dress, but 90% off the time you will see me in a very similar ensemble. Laid back + pulled together! you look great!