Fashion Over Reason: Little Girl Blue

Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Girl Blue

I've recenty become enamored with this cobalt shade. It feels so fresh for the end of summer and will transition perfectly into fall. Can't wait to wear my new Zara sandals, seen in the last pic.

[hanneli, carolinesmode, my new sandals from Zara]


lovefashion said...

The shirt is so gorgeous. As are the shoes in the last shot, want!

Stephanie said...

these are like the blue ones i have from zara too...only mine are more flat variety lol!

i have a hard time styling them. i wore them hier actually but stil didn't feel the look was totally what i wanted it to be. this post is good for insp--- thank ya ;)


sojourned in style said...

cobalt was the perfect addition to the first oufit, a spice of colur. gorgeous zara heels!

Fashion Tidbits said...

It's such a refreshing colour! Def one of my favourite hues!

fashionable palette said...

Love those Zara sandals!!