Fashion Over Reason: The Strangest of Feelings

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Strangest of Feelings

It's hard to think about donning plush materials and cozy layers in this scorching weather, but Elin is making me long for fall so badly - my favorite season. If only fall didn't have to turn into winter..



Stephanie said...

srsly! if only fall didn't have to turn into winter christ!

ok love this look + we love miss elin!

ahhhh one of the best things abt my new career path: time to comment on my fave blogs LOL!!

omg did you see my tweet @bryanboy: ha! he prob wasn't too happy abt it, i thought after...even though i didn't mean it rudely...just hilariously lol!!

anywayssssssss. it's scorching here. so happy abt it!!!!

love ya chica!!! xx

Stephanie said...

and btw-- how CUTE is she when she says "jisses"!! LOL!

stephanie said...



I want layers too. fall layering is style at its finest. but unfortunately fall turns bitterly cold in winter.