Fashion Over Reason: Boot Lust

Friday, August 26, 2011

Boot Lust

I love these fall Alex Wang boots. They'd look cute with jeans and skirts alike, and their vintagey brown color adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Solid all around.




Love them! I would totally live in these this fall!

Have a good weekend, sweetie. And stay safe from this crazy weather! xoxo

Lady Grey said...

oh yes, they are gorgeous!

Alexandra said...

Solid all around is right. These are amazing - just good boots no matter what the outfit is.

Alexandra xo

Cynthia said...

I too am in love with these boots!!! debating between black and the brown!!!

Hope your having loads of fun in NYC!!! Try to stay safe this week-end!

Stephanie said...

YUP. you need these. I love how so much of what he does accessory wise come with a distressed look. so so ideal for rocking that je ne sais quoi!


Mélannie Mafwata said...

Stunning ! And they look comfortable