Fashion Over Reason: Never the Same Way Twice

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Never the Same Way Twice

Aymeline, one of my favorite [relatively] new faces, looks so alluring in the new Russh. There is such a chameleon quality about her and i am so drawn to her versatility. This image shows her softened up and of course, it's nothing short of amazing. I always say this, but i find it important to reiterate: simplicity speaks incredibly loudly.



Stephanie said...

less is more!!!

I remember when Alber Elbaz said he makes chlothes that that analogy!!

again, always on the same page in terms of style ethos you and i ;) xx

Anonymous said...

I just made a post about her in the shoot too! She is so effortlessly breathtaking & this is def my favorite picture from the Russh spread.
-Amanda Machell


I agree, simplicity can be loud all on its own. she is really beautiful and so refined in this.