Fashion Over Reason: Nouveau Hippie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nouveau Hippie

A page out of Free People's consistently fantastic look book. Trend or no trend, the 70s provide eternal soul-stirring style inspiration. I need more over sized knits in my life (cc Stephanie).



tonia fashion tour said...

amazing photo!!
love the 70's style!!


Stephanie said...

OMG OBSESSED!!!!! like, i want to wear this TODAY!! LOL!!!


Unknown said...

gorgeous <3

Unknown said...

gorgeous <3

Alexandra said...

Absolutely love it! The hat is amazing and I love how understated and 70's chic everything is.

Alexandra xo

Stephanie said...

bahahhahaha JUST noticed the CC!!! touché lady!!

omg i srsly must have subconsciously memorized this pic in my head hier cause i totally ran into the same hat at Holts and scooped it up to make one more purchase the straw that broke the camel's back right into my shopping ban haha! I hope i get tons of wear out of it!! xx