Fashion Over Reason: Sparkles

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some iphone snaps taken on a night out during the heat wave. It was still around 38 degrees C (approx 98F) in the middle of the night, which explains the extreme shine my face appears to be inflicted by. Good times though!


Stephanie said...

LOVE what you're wearing!!

These snaps are awesome!!


stephanie said...

ummm...your hair looks amazing pulled back like that. nyc (and the heat) clearly agree with you!!

Summer Athena said...

you + nyc = pure delight!

i love you.

The Sydney Girl said...

so preeeeetty!
Miss you helene!
when you coming to sydney????
Good luck in the comp!

Alexandra said...

I saw these pics on your instagram and have to say you look absolutely stunning! Love the sparkly gold top and the jolt of purple peeking out from it..totally beautiful!

Alexandra xo