Fashion Over Reason: Like Butterscotch

Friday, September 30, 2011

Like Butterscotch

Like most of my fashion peers, i'm so into the whle 70's vibe right now and i can honestly that i kind of always have been inspired by this fashion-rich decade. Many of my icons left their style stamp during those years and i don't necessarily consider it a trend, but more of a classic. This particular look is incredibly inspirational. Cannot wait to break out the knee boots, buttery hues and long coats. And of course, i'm sure i'll look just like this when i do.



Stephanie said...

LOL!!! you're gonna look amazing!!! This is such a great Hélène look!!! BTW! you know how ive been looking for a trench FOR EVER?! WEll!!! turns out! I dont suit double breasted jackets hence the trouble finding out i found flattering! whoop! sooooooo happy I discovered the issue! then found a Burberry one i could easily have taken home with me: single zipper, hood, black, a-line cut, but the price made me leave it behind ;) only to....drumroll!!!! FIND the same inspired by model at.,..ZARA!!!! snatched up, tried on and checked out! SO amazing! i actually cant wait to wear the thing! it's been like three yrs coming, this purchase LOL!


Alexandra said...

It was just such an empowering era...women were able to look strong but still very, very feminine. I love this image in particular that you chose, totally embodies everything I'm loving right now about fall dressing.

Alex xoxo